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TEAM is always keen to interact with interested groups from the Students for Liberty & free market movements. Whether you are looking to become a member, support to TEAM or interact with us in another capacity, we value all contributions. We look forward to hearing from you.


Opening a student chapter at your school is a rewarding experience for both you and the interested students you gather. Start a chapter to engage students in discussion on entrepreneurial liberty and economic principles and values, build community and networks among free-market-minded and liberty enthusiastic students, host events and speakers on your campus, and access valuable resources in the ideas that underpin free societies. TEAM provides each chapter with assistance in organizing and supporting events, as well as resources for reading and discussion groups. Click here to Start a Student Chapter and to be a Member of Ethiopian SFL

Blogging for TEAM

TEAM wants to engage students and recent graduates with an interest in entrepreneurial liberty by giving students a chance to become published writers and get more involved in the world of liberty. Simply write an article of no more than 400 words about entrepreneurship, economic freedom, and free market. You can submit it either in English or Amharic language by sending an email to The best articles will be selected and published in the section of our blog here . You can also submit your article online here


Any interested person committed to advance the cause of entrepreneurial liberty and dedicated to the purposes of TEAM can join TEAM. Click here to Fill out our Membership Application Form

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteerism one of our strategies not only to achieve our mission but also to develop a culture of giving and helping others as a basis of personal responsibility. Our volunteers will contribute their time and skills toward specific roles within an event or initiative. The time commitment of a volunteer depends on the specific need the volunteer signs up for. To be kept up to date on the work of the TEAM, including details of volunteer opportunities, sign up to our emailing list via the form below or alternatively join our Face book or Twitter feeds@teaminitiatives.

Why TEAM makes the ideal partner:
>We manage and monitor our projects – We ensure efficient utilization of funds. Projects are also regularly assessed by professionals.
>We stand for Lasting Change – We focus on mobilization and empowerment of students, to arm them with a deeper understanding of the roots of their liberty, thereby ensuring lasting change.

Ways to Partner us
Funding Project is one way to partner with us.
>Direct support or funding to an entire or just a part TEAM projects
>Support institutional and student chapter development costs at TEAM
>Fund research or publications created by TEAM

Event Sponsorships is the other way to partner with us.
Events form an important part of TEAM’s efforts as they enable us to create awareness on the morality of free enterprise and free-market principles simultaneously raise crucial resources. When you sponsor a TEAM event, you not only ensure that your brand or organization reaches out to a wider audience, but also partner TEAM in raising the necessary funds.