Leadership of TEAM

Leadership of TEAM

                                     Bitsiht Tsegaye


Bitsiht Tsegaye is the Co-founder of TEAM & a graduate of Atlas Leadership Academy. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Addis Ababa University and served as a science teacher from 2009 to 2014. She has been serving as the Director of Bastiat Society of Ethiopia since 2014 and she is becoming fully involved to the activities of TEAM as the Chairperson and Programs Director; conducting regular assessments of the projects, prepares a review meeting & an information exchange with the stakeholders as well as train volunteers on how to pitch us effectively, & track their progress based on specific timelines & deliverables.

                                    Kidus Mehalu



Kidus Mehalu is the Co-founder & Executive Director of TEAM. Kidus obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) degree from Curtin University, received his graduate diploma in International Business FUNDESEM Business School & Completed his postgraduate studies in European Economy at the Universty of Bologna & the Jean Monet Chair for Political Science at the University of Cologne. His vision to make this world have a bright future continues to drive him to play a part in a real challenge people are grappling with in order to address it in a tangible way that drive positive change in society. Since 2013, He run a variety of forums for discussion and exchange of ideas, & identifies & mentors new leaders for social change. Kidus frequently speaks & lectures on the philosophical, moral, economic & institutional foundations of policies of free enterprise. By engaging university students, Kidus helped establish thirteen clubs of Independent Thinking in nine universities across the nation. In 2016, he initiated, & co-led a victorious legal advocacy & reform campaign; considered as the first to successfully challenge & influence the tax policy in the modern history of Ethiopia. He is also a Director for AU Affairs, Regional Economic Communities,NEPAD & UN Agencies at the African Youth Commission as well as a Regional Consultant & mentor for Students for Liberty. Recently, Women Deliver selected Kidus as its Alumni Committee member from East Africa; aims to promote the involvement of young people in the global health equity & social justice movement. Kidus is also an avid reader, writer, photographer, off-road driver,  traveller and passionate about animals of any kind; new media; internet; globalization; youth & ethical leadership etc

ZolaZelalem Niguse 

Zelalem Niguse is the Programs Assistant of TEAM and a Director of  Students for Liberty in Ethiopia. He is also working in a private company in Addis Ababa as a professional Pharmacist. Zelalem joined TEAM in 2014 because of his great passion to the ideas of Economic Freedom. He is a graduate of Atlas Leadership Academy’s regional program held in Nairobi,Kenya.



Yanet is the Director of clubs of Independent Thinking. She graduated in Bachelor of science degree in Computer Science from Adama University. She also holds a degree in Management from Rift Valley University. She joined TEAM in 2016. Yanet also maintains & update TEAM website & social media outlets, write press releases & edit op-eds.