Translation Projects

The following books and some others are translated into Amharic language and ready to be published in 2014 as soon as we have the necessary funding for publication for wide distribution to students, student clubs and networks of liberty across the country.

Moc                  Why Liberty                     The Economics of Freedom

Publications of translated Amharic books are one aspects of ‘Breaking the Impasse to Learn Liberty’ (BILL) project aims to spread the central ideas of classical liberal thought to as wide an audience as possible. The publications will be focused on the theme of the morality of free enterprise, liberty, and economic freedom which will be distributed at no charge on universities and liberty-enthusiastic groups. 3000 Amharic version of the Morality of Capitalism, 3000 Amharic version of the Economics of Freedom, and 3000 Amharic version of Why Liberty will be published in 2014 consecutively as soon as we have the necessary funding for publication. Our ideas are gaining interest and acceptance by students and the young people across the country. Feedbacks and recommendations from our English readers of those books indicated that publications in local language attract the support and backing of allies and other organizations which lead to further the momentum to build toward achieving social change. Some of the feedback of our English book readers has been recorded in a video and which can be seen below.The videos are in Amharic Language but the translation of what they are speaking is available below.
“I read this book. The ideas in this book are unique and very awakening. This book should be translated in order to spread the ideas on the book to the wider community. And it will have a great impact as well. Thank you.” (Student, Addis Ababa University)
“I am a student at DJ Wondirad College Preparatory School. We establish a club of entrepreneurship in our school. Book like Why Liberty would have a great societal impact if they translate and publish in local language. We are very happy of this reading room where we get Amharic translated readings and other related books.”

TEAM has been searching and exploring the meaning of capitalism on the eyes and from the perspectives of Ethiopian young entrepreneurs and university students to understand and asses their views towards our free enterprise campaign and liberate the minds of the victims of the leftist indoctrination in post socialist Ethiopia.
“I don’t have detailed knowledge about capitalism. But, as I heard from others many years ago it is an economic system of governance for the rich people. I don’t know what it is really even socialism.” Entrepreneur, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“Capitalism for me is a market based economic and political system that doesn’t exist in our country. I think it is a wonderful thing. I would be happy if it exists here.” Student, Addis Ababa University

The following videos are about The Morality of Capitalism and Why Liberty books featuring their Author Dr. Tom Palmer


We have also the following books ready for publication in Amharic language as soon as we secure the necessary financial resources.

I Pencil                                                     Are We Good Enough for Liberty?