About Us

Our Vision 

TEAM envisions a free, prosperous, tolerant, peaceful, and enlightened society, where all Ethiopians enjoy the blessings of liberty and opportunity.

Our Mission

The mission of TEAM is advancing entrepreneurship, promoting values of economic freedom, and propagating the foundations of a decent society as a basis for human interaction in Ethiopia.

Our Values 

The movement is committed to a dignified life through entrepreneurship, responsibility, peace, toleration, voluntarily engagement,and rule of law. The movement strives to create an environment nourished by open discourse that lead to addressing the needs of those who are facing inclusion difficulties and economically vulnerable by fueling the younger generation’s commitment to civic engagement activities, and encouraging government reforms that are friendly in remedying socio-economic injustice, and necessary to levels that allow human flourishing while preserving societal harmony and building an open society.

TEAM Leadership  


Bitsiht Tsegaye is the Co-founder of TEAM & a graduate of Atlas Leadership Academy. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Addis Ababa University. Please click here for details.




Kidus Mehalu is the Co-founder & Executive Director of TEAM. Kidus obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) degree from Curtin University. Please click here for details.




Zelaem Niguse is the Programs Assistant of TEAM. Please click here for details.





Yanet Nigusu is the Director of clubs of Independent Thinking. She graduated in Bachelor of science degree in Computer Science from Adama University. Please click here for details.



Volunteers & Support Team

TEAM has also more than 21 volunteers & 13 chapter leaders in its clubs of Independent Thinking in nine universities across the country who assists achieving our mission.

Contact Us

If you are interested in TEAM and its operations, you can reach us by sending an email to info@teaminitiatives.org