About Us


TEAM (Teachings of Entrepreneurship on Antipoverty Movement) is a think-tank platform dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship, promoting values of economic freedom, and propagating the foundations of a decent society as a basis for human interaction in Ethiopia.

Who We Are?

We are a group of Intellectual Entrepreneurs, young professionals and researchers, students and leadership team of entrepreneurial clubs, whose eyes focused upward with a sense of hope and possibility to leave our positive footprint in securing a more open and prosperous society. We are committed to unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of future generations.

As a strong Pro-Liberty , Young Voices, & Antipoverty Advocate, we embrace far-reaching aspirations, encourage the exploration & exchange of new ideas focusing upon the understanding and expansion of human progress, and to break new ground for the cultural heritage of humanity.


You will join us by organizing a co-sponsored events, sponsoring students & their clubs, and supporting publications by contributing financially if you can. You can also support us by publicize our activities throughout your valuable networks. Keep up with the latest developments and receive updates via the following social networking tools FB twitter TEAM Tube

Contact Us

If you are interested in TEAM and its operations, you can reach us by sending an email to info@teaminitiatives.org