About Us

teammmOur Vision 

TEAM imagines a free,open, and prosperous society where individuals can live in a dignified life through entrepreneurship, responsibility, peace, toleration, and free trade.

Our Mission

The mission of TEAM is advancing entrepreneurship, promoting values of economic freedom, and propagating the foundations of a decent society as a basis for human interaction in Ethiopia.

Our Values 

The movement is committed to the foundations of a free society, which include but are not limited to the morality of private initiatives, extended personal responsibilities, voluntarily engagement, and self-governed human efforts, Free enterprise & Entrepreneurship, limited government and rule of law.


You will join us by organizing a co-sponsored events, sponsoring students & their clubs, and supporting publications by contributing financially if you can. You can also support us by publicize our activities throughout your valuable networks. Keep up with the latest developments and receive updates via the following social networking tools FB twitter TEAM Tube

Contact Us

If you are interested in TEAM and its operations, you can reach us by sending an email to info@teaminitiatives.org